Spooning out oil (favorites include avocado oil and grape seed oil for steak and fish)
Adding garlic to oil
Adding carrots, onion, celery
Spooning black rice into the pot
Ading ginger before collard greens
Collard Greens
Chef JJ likes to add carrots to the collard greens
Pouring brussel sprouts (which were in the oven)
Turning off the heat so the salmon doesn't overcook
Adding peas to the mix
Adding pineapples (and you can sub in peaches)
Pineapples and peas
Adding sweet chili
Pouring house soy
Collard greens and base of rice bowls — cooking away
Spooning out the base of the rice bowls
Spooning out the collard greens
Removing the salmon from the oven
Adding salmon to the rice bowls
Preparing the rice bowls
Adding FIELDTRIP's famous sauce
Salmon rice bowls
Adding garnish. Ta-da! Salmon rice bowls are ready to eat.

LSSNY’s Culinary Adventure With Chef JJ: Cooking Demo

Chef JJ Johnson demonstrated how to prepare pineapple black fried rice as he shared cooking tips and prepared his signature salmon rice bowls. Who knew healthy food could be so delicious? Spooning out oil (favorites include avocado oil and grape seed oil for steak and...
LSSNY Welcomes Damyn Kelly

LSSNY Welcomes Damyn Kelly

LSSNY was joined by Lutheran partners and our community of friends and supporters to welcome our new President & CEO, Damyn Kelly. We were glad to share the spirit of hope and excitement Damyn has ushered in since he arrived, and look forward to the innovative...