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LSSNY Can Now Provide Comprehensive Health and Social Services Coordination for Your Children

LSSNY is now providing Health Home Care Management Services to children. One of our care managers will work with you and your family to coordinate your child’s medical and behavioral health care for optimal health and well-being. Through this program, children with chronic medical conditions such as Obesity, Diabetes or Asthma, will achieve more efficient and reliable health care.

What is a Health Home?
New York’s Medicaid program is participating in a care management service model called a Health Home. Comprehensive care coordination is done by a “Care Manager” who monitors a child’s health and improves access to services for children with Medicaid who have chronic conditions such as Obesity, Diabetes or Asthma

What is the goal of Health Homes?
The goal of Health Homes is to improve the health and general well-being of children whose care may be poorly coordinated, resulting in unnecessary emergency room and hospitalization admissions. To reduce the risk of children being hospitalized, care managers help families access health care that is tailored to their needs so that a child’s health risks are identified and addressed efficiently. This reduces the chance of a child having a health emergency because they are receiving the care they need on a consistent basis, and without delay.

How can LSSNY help?
LSSNY is one of more than 35 agencies that can provide Health Home Care Management Services to children, through an affiliation with the Collaborative for Children & Families (CCF), a Health Home Provider with experience and expertise in care management. LSSNY will provide care managers to oversee a child’s health care needs as they take part in CCF’s Health Home services.

What services do care managers provide?
LSSNY’s care managers work with you, your family and providers to develop an individualized care plan, based on your child’s needs and with full coordination of medical, behavioral health and support services. Care managers will oversee all aspects of care, including helping parents select providers, scheduling appointments and coordinating referrals. They can also help parents access public health benefits, like Medicaid, to ensure children have medical coverage. The care managers work to ensure that children receive all the medical and mental health services they need to stay healthy. Care managers can make referrals to help children connect to community resources, help families transition from inpatient to other care settings and prevent health crises by managing ongoing care needs effectively. When needed, care managers can help families deal with unexpected crises by quickly putting them in touch with care providers, but they also work to help reduce crisis situations by ensuring that children receive appropriate medical care on a consistent basis.

Is my child eligible to participate in Health Home services?
If your child(ren) is Medicaid-eligible or currently has Medicaid AND two (2) or more chronic conditions, or one single qualifying condition, they may be eligible for LSSNY’s Health Home Care Management Services Program. Chronic conditions include:

  • Alcohol and Substance Abuse
  • Mental Health Condition
  • Cardiovascular Disease (e.g., Hypertension)
  • Metabolic Disease (e.g., Diabetes)
  • Respiratory Disease (e.g., Asthma)
  • Obesity
  • One (1) single, qualifying condition (HIV/AIDS or a Serious Mental Illness or a Serious Emotional Disturbance or Complex Trauma)

Contact Us for More Information
If you have any questions about whether your child qualifies, or would like to discuss your child’s health needs to see if they would benefit from any of our health home services, please contact Lisa White, Director of Health Services at (646) 790 – 6587 or

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If the member, family, or employee does not feel that a complaint or incident was handled in a manner they deem fit, he/she may contact Lutheran Social Services of New York through a hotline 1-888-307-4191 or, and an investigation of the incident will be conducted. All communication regarding a member of the health home must be handled in a secure and confidential manner.

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