These are our final graduating classes from The New LIFE School — a special education therapeutic day school that’s provided educational and vocational training to 175 students in grades 3-12.
The celebrations were bittersweet as the school will officially close its doors on September 26th.
This year was one of our largest graduating classes. We had 18 students graduate out of 25!
One graduate is off to John Jay College, four earned barbering licenses, and the rest expressed interest in finding jobs.
This past school year, we partnered with ACEing Autism, a national organization that provides therapeutic support for special needs students through the game of tennis.
We received more support than ever before for resource room teachers and coaches for teachers. The resource room teachers provide one-on-one and small group instruction in math and reading. This helps address learning loss experienced during COVID. The coaches worked one-on-one with teachers on classroom management and lesson planning.
Today is back-to-school day. Many of our students will be placed in the general education system with the Department of Education. Others will be placed in special schools. It is our hope that graduates of The New LIFE School’s barbering program can continue their craft, providing free haircuts to LSSNY’s program participants.
Says Christine Amodeo M.S. Ed, SBL, The New LIFE School Principal (who has been with the school since its inception), “The New LIFE School has served hundreds of families over the years.  It was more than just a school, it was a home away from home for many.  Our program was unique and much like an oasis for our students in the midst of challenges.  We were a place where learning was fun and successful after many other programs couldn’t provide the means.  The New LIFE School will forever be in the hearts of the students, staff and stakeholders who had the pleasure of being a part of it.”

Photographs by Carla Rice, Assistant Principal of Related Services, The New LIFE School