This past weekend, our recreational coordinator Hailey DelValle engaged the residents of Vanguard House — our newest sanctuary site — in vision boarding activity.

All ages participated, browsing, cutting, and pasting images onto their boards. One person made two — one to display and one to keep.

People talked about material and non-material desires. Some people pasted pictures of houses, cars, watches, or travel ads. Kids happily placed images of cute forest animals and pretty flowers just because they liked how this looked.

Says Hailey, “Women joked and chatted about the husbands they were manifesting or ‘shopping’ for themselves, jauntily cutting away at the magazine pages with the expertise of a couponer.” Children talked about the sports they wanted to try this year. “We managed to cultivate a space that was inspired, brave, and filled with radical hope,” she adds.

When the vision boarding activity started to wind down, the moms stepped up to clean up the lobby space without anyone asking. Says Hailey, “In minutes, the mess caused by their understandably excited kids was neatly tied up into a black garbage bag. That initiative makes me feel motivated to do more of these activities, because it feels like a collaboration between staff and families!”

P.S. Thank you to Shift Leader Moises Vicente and Resident Aide/Intake Coordinator Wenlher Silva for the attentive support.