“Giving back has just always been an important part of what I do.”

That’s what Kiya Rheubottom, Director of Family Support Services at LSSNY, told our Executive Director of Residential Services, Rachel Bleecker, as she filled Rachel’s SUV with boxes upon boxes of donated clothing for the migrant families at our new Sanctuary in Long Island City. (She even broke a nail in the process!) 

Kiya took up a collection both at the LSSNY Family Support Services program as well as in her own community.

Says Rachel, “We are fortunate to have compassionate leaders like Kiya who are invested in LSSNY and the families and children we serve throughout our organization. Kiya understands that it is a privilege when we can give to others. I appreciate her generous heart and that she went out of her way to help others without anyone having to ask. That is true giving and love in action! It is an honor to serve alongside her.”