Small acts of kindness can make a big impact.

Guadalupe Contreras is a resident at our Muhlenberg residence.

He is taking online courses to get a degree in online security, yet he didn’t have a computer of his own.

Our Executive Director for Residential Services, Rachel Bleecker, LMSW, immediately reached out to her network. Within a few days, she had found a friend who offered to donate a computer.

Says Nicole Russo, LMSW, CASAC, “Mr. Contreras was so happy and grateful! I hope this helps him on his journey to attain his degree.”

Muhlenberg is one of our supportive housing residences.

We work with low-income families and marginalized people who can be susceptible to homelessness, as well as those who have grappled with mental illness and a history of addiction and substance abuse.

We pair our safe and affordable housing units with counseling, job training, money management, and activities that foster responsibility and independence. We offer supportive housing that works.