Lutheran Disaster Response of New York

Project LIFE / Lutheran Disaster Response of New York (LDRNY) was created following the events of September 11, 2001 as a vehicle for coordinating recovery efforts to those affected by the attacks. More recently, as part of LSSNY’s Community Services division, Project LIFE / LDRNY also assisted survivors of Superstorm Sandy throughout NYC and Long Island, through its Disaster Case Management Program (DCMP). Case managers within the DCMP worked closely with these clients to:

• identify their needs,
• develop recovery plans, and
• access resources to rebuild their homes and their lives.

Case Managers helped clients—the elderly, households with young children, immigrants and people with mental health or physical disabilities—access benefits such as mold remediation, debt relief, assistance with repairs and rebuilding of storm-damaged homes and spiritual and emotional support services.

The DCMP was deactivated in December 2016, but Project LIFE / LDRNY exists to coordinate recovery efforts as needed in response to future disaster and emergency crisis situations. As a Social Ministry Organization (SMO), Project LIFE / LDRNY maintains ongoing relationships with a variety of disaster relief and recovery organizations, including the American Red Cross and the New York Disaster Interfaith Services (NYDIS).