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Congregation LIFE
Prospective partnerships with 300+ Lutheran congregations to meet local needs.
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Healthy LIFE
Hunger prevention through food pantries and related services.
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LIFE Shield
Legal and integrative services for immigrants and refugees, including unaccompanied youth minors.
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Lutheran Disaster Response of New York
Disaster case management for individuals and communities impacted by Superstorm Sandy.
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Affordable housing and support services for vulnerable populations, such as individuals with substance abuse, mental illness, and low incomes.

Housing and social services for adolescent youth in the criminal justice system.
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Family LIFE
Intervention and preventive services, foster care placement when needed, a medical clinic for children and families in foster care, and supportive housing for single mothers with children.
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LIFE Savers
Volunteer recruitment to serve in the LIFE programs.
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New LIFE Adoption
Domestic and International adoption services.
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Early LIFE
Preschool care and early educational services based in ten centers and in family homes to promote learning, development, and educational readiness.
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The New LIFE School
A 12-month day school for special-needs students in grades 3 through 12.
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LIFE Learning (The Center for Urban Education Ministries)
Expanding available resources for programs that educate children in urban settings.
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