Mix an LSSNY board member (Rachel Cohen) with little elves and social media connections.

Prep time: 13 days

Cook time: 1 day

Total time: Two weeks

Servings: 105 toys for children in LSSNY’s foster care program

Step-by-step recipe:

– Match donating families with children in LSSNY’s foster care

– Shop for gifts

– Hand-deliver them to Rachel

– Wrap presents

– Drop off gifts to LSSNY’s offices

– Throw holiday party and distribute gifts

What to serve with this dish:

An additional $2,000 collected by Rachel and her partners-in-joy, which will be used to purchase gifts for children in other LSSNY programs.


1️⃣ Love
2️⃣ Kindness
3️⃣ Generosity

Merry Christmas!