Since the start of the election season, our Supervisor of Social Services, Cait Graham, led the charge in encouraging our residents to have their voices heard by voting. She trained our case managers and placed signs with information about how and where to vote and about voting early. Through these efforts, we successfully registered many of our residents to vote—in some cases for the first time, and for too many, for the first time in years.

One of our newest case managers, Sutarshia Johnson, a fantastic advocate for her clients, shared this story: 

“Mr. Antwane informed me that he was registered to vote, but living in shelters for many years and frequently displaced, voting was the furthest thing from his mind. He recently came to me saying that he wanted to vote in this election now that he has permanent housing. I called the voters’ hotline number and was able to speak with a live representative who initially stated that Mr. Antwane had missed the cutoff point and would not be allowed to vote in this election. After I advocated, she dug a bit further and found some information for him to call his former center in Manhattan to obtain a new card. He let me know almost two weeks ago that he received his card and would be voting in this upcoming election for the first time in years.”