During this unprecedented health crisis, LSSNY has continued to help those in need — the formerly homeless, the addicted, the newcomer, the individual living with mental illness, the food-insecure family. We’ve continued educating the children in our schools, brought comfort and support to children in foster care, and helped underserved families deal with the added pressures of the pandemic. We do this because it is our mission, it is our duty, and it is the reason we have been serving low-income New Yorkers for more than 130 years.

Saluting LSSNY’s Unsung Heroes

“We hear of the work and sacrifices of the medical community and our first responders. But what about the maintenance worker who is sanitizing a program site or the case manager who works in the SRO or the childcare provider who works in the group home? All of these individuals are low-paid but critical to address the needs of those in care. Deemed essential, they toil in anonymity, quietly caring for those in need. We owe them our gratitude.”

— LSSNY’s CEO, Dr. Damyn Kelly

Estephanie Betances, LSSNY Director of HR
“Why isn’t she saying, ‘Good morning’?” This is the new remote working landscape. Things can be misinterpreted during this time of crisis. Meet unsung hero Estephanie Betances, Director of HR.

Meet Estephanie

Herbert Thompson, LSSNY Director of Facilities
Think of the steps individual households are taking to follow CDC guidelines during the pandemic. Multiply that for the custodial crews servicing NYC’s buildings. Meet unsung hero Herbert Thompson.

Meet Herbert

Rachel Bleecker, Assistant Executive Director for Residential Services at LSSNY
“What kind of a leader would I be if I said, ‘Hey, you guys go in and I’ll be safe in my home?’ asks unsung hero Rachel Bleecker, Assistant ED for Residential Services. “I want to show them we’re in this together.”

Meet Rachel

Ashraf Ibrahim, Director of Procurement, LSSNY
Usually with one click, he submits an order and receives supplies the next day. Now, most of the vendors are out of hand sanitizers, wipes, N95 masks, and thermometers. Meet unsung hero Ashraf Ibrahim, Director of Procurement.

Meet Ashraf

Angela Wright-Holder, a a high-risk and geriatric case manager for LSSNY's supportive housing program
“I don’t know what they would do if they didn’t have someone. This is the population that needs to be instructed on how to manage their lives.” Meet unsung hero Angela Wright-Holder, a high-risk and geriatric case manager for our supportive housing program.

Meet Angela

Yannick Daley, Head Teacher at LSSNY's Early LIFE program
Frontline workers such as nurses and police officers keep all of us safe, but who’s watching their children? Yannick Daley, Head Teacher at our Early LIFE program, decided to volunteer. “I knew there was a need,” he says. Meet unsung hero Yannick Daley .

Meet Yannick


“The coronavirus isn’t a joke.” Listen to the heartbreaking voice of a child who lost his parent to Covid-19. He is a member of our Early LIFE family. Please watch his short public service announcement and heed his call to #StayHome and #StaySafe.

Watch His PSA

“I have always told staff that they were essential and that it was because of them that we existed. So as a result, when the governor announced the Stay in Place order…calling our workers essential, I immediately sent out an email to the staff saying the governor has recognized what I’ve been telling you since the beginning.”

— LSSNY’s CEO, Dr. Damyn Kelly, at FPWA’s Courageous Conversation Series: Addressing Trauma During Times of Crisis

Dr Damyn Kelly, LSSNY CEO

Thank you for supporting LSSNY. You have our prayers and support for your and your loved ones’ continued health. We also offer our condolences to those who have lost loved ones and friends.

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