It’s “not just doctors and nurses” on the front lines, says Fordham University’s alumni magazine.

“Everybody’s thanking doctors and nurses, but they forget about the other care providers,” says alumna Victoria Cipollone, a physician assistant in cardio-thoracic surgery at Westchester Medical Center. She says, “People forget about physician assistants. People forget about nurse practitioners. People forget about respiratory therapists, and social workers and case managers and all those kinds of people who do a lot of the medical care and the behind-the-scenes work.”

One of these unsung heroes is Sandra Bisono, a case planner in our foster care program. For the past two years, Sandra has juggled working with us part-time while going to school full-time, “an incredibly difficult task given the highly demanding work required of this position,” according to Lisa Marie Vargas, MSW, Director of Social Services at LSSNY. Sandra recently graduated from Fordham University with a masters in social work. Effective June 1, she is being promoted to a foster care supervisor position, “one she has truly earned,” says Vargas.

“Sandra has always stepped up to take on additional work to help support the program when she was on school breaks, helping whenever needed,” says Vargas. “Children’s Services is very proud of Sandra and everything she has accomplished. She is truly an asset to have at Lutheran Social Services.”

Over the past few weeks, Sandra has seen firsthand how her clients have encountered challenges during the coronavirus, enduring a five+ hour trip to the ER when a foster parent couldn’t leave her other children at home. Though Sandra was emotionally exhausted and overwhelmed by the experience, she kept up a “strong face” for the child.

As her email signature reminds us, “”No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.”

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