Meet Herbert Thompson, LSSNY’s Director of Facilities.  Herbert and his team have been responsible for cleaning and sanitizing our Early LIFE centers, The New LIFE School, and Safe Haven program.

Think of the steps individual households are taking to follow CDC guidelines during the Coronavirus pandemic. Now multiply that exponentially for the custodial crews servicing New York City’s buildings.

Herbert has been guiding his team to step up heavy cleaning, which means sanitizing door knobs, wiping down handrails, phones, computers, and the time clock that staff members access daily. To put this into perspective, in the past, the team would shampoo carpets twice a month. Due to the pandemic, while the children in our care were still in our buildings, the team shampooed the carpets at least twice a day.

Now that our Early LIFE and New LIFE schools are temporarily closed by decree, Herbert’s team is removing the carpets, storing them away, and sanitizing and wiping down the cubby areas where the kids hang up their coats. Since the buildings are empty, the team can touch up paint and strip floors, then sanitize and close off those areas. To practice social distancing, only two employees are in each building at a time and there is just one staff member per room.

“What we’re doing is the helping part,” says Herbert. “Anything you can do in this moment to help is a good thing. We want our children to come back into these sites healthy and be in a clean environment. Everyone gets to see how very important their jobs are.”

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