Meet Angela Wright-Holder, a high-risk and geriatric case manager for LSSNY’s supportive housing program. All of the residents she works with have mental health issues. Most of them battle substance abuse. Some have preexisting medical conditions. Though Angela understands how vulnerable this population is, it still came as a shock when a senior in her care recently passed away. An employee assistance program helped her cope with her grief.

Angela and her team members work where the residents live. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, there’s been an abrupt shift to remote work where possible. Angela works at home three days a week and in the office the remaining two days. She and her coworkers alternate schedules and call the residents and outside providers to ensure uninterrupted access to medications and food stamps.

“I don’t think it’s totally sinking in for our clients how serious this is,” says Angela. “When I’m there, I’m constantly reminding them not to touch elevator buttons, to wash their hands when they come in. We have to keep reiterating this and hope it sinks in. We are needed. I don’t know what they would do if they didn’t have someone. This is the population that needs to be instructed on how to manage their lives. When we work with them, we try to bring some quality of life to them to help them maintain their lives better. They’re all adults but they are not high functioning. So we have to help them to function.”

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