Kathy Draves

What better time than Women’s History Month to highlight one of the wonderful women who volunteer with LSSNY?

Meet Kathy, an office volunteer at our Uniondale food pantry. Along with other volunteers, she hasn’t been able to come in to work with us during the pandemic. We’ve had to limit the number of staff in our facility and devise new distribution methods to comply with social distancing. Undeterred, Kathy became creative.

She hosted a food drive to help restock our shelves, applying to Thrivent for a grant and reaching out to her community for contributions. She contacted our food pantry to find out which food and personal care items were most needed and made up flyers that she hand-delivered to homes. Despite some rain, a two-day collection from her neighbors resulted in a donation of 400 pounds of food.

It took everyone at our food pantry about half an hour to unload Kathy’s car and weigh in all the items!

Says Hylkije Halili, Coordinator at LSSNY’s New LIFE Center Long Island, “We are truly blessed to have so many volunteers who carry out all the different tasks involved in supporting the surrounding community. We value each and every member of our New LIFE family and can’t wait to be able to all work together in person again soon!”